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What Makes
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At MASTERS Financial & Insurance Group, L.L.C., we sincerely believe the key to achieving your financial goals and objectives is through planning. We use a holistic approach, reviewing your unique financial situation from all angles to help you maximize your income & returns, and minimize your risks & taxes.

We put not only our own considerable experience to work on your behalf, but as a Nautilus Plus member, we also have the knowledge of the elite team of Nautilus Group professionals experienced in taxes, law, life insurance, accounting, and philanthropic planning. This coordinated approach helps ensure all areas are considered in order to formulate the right course of action for you.

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Yield by Attribution Concept

Any time you can move your money in order to Increase your Rate of Return and/or Reduce Your Taxes with less risk...

You should consider moving your money

Tax Efficiency

Tax Now | Tax Later | Tax Never

  • How is your money being taxed?
  • How hard is your money working for you?
  • Do you have any lazy money?


It's a Balancing Act

Make sure you have the right balance of fixed and variable assets to account for inflation and the need for cash during a downturn.

Potential advantages to Planning

  • Make your money work harder and smarter by applying the rules of thumb
  • Eliminate the concern that you may outlive your money
  • Increase wealth passing to generations through tax-free death benefit
  • Reduce federal and state income tax for family members
  • Reduce Social Security tax, where possible
  • Protect assets from lawsuits, creditors, and divorcing spouses for family members
  • Help reduce or avoid probate
  • Maximize charitable giving
  • Lock in insurability for future generations
  • Have things organized for total peace of mind
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